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About us

LEHACORP is a leading company in the field of intellectual property and trademark consultancy, based in Hanoi and is well known for the expertise in many aspects. With the goal of commercializing technology and accessing inventions for innovation, LEHACORP is committed to providing customers with a comprehensive solution for delivering innovative ideas and solutions into the product market; including, but are not limited to, branding strategy consultancy, brand execution and providing creative marketing solutions.

LEHACORP is not only recognized by customers but is also considered as the provider of effective consulting services to internal and external colleagues in the field of branding and marketing. We believe with our team of experts, Lehacorp can understand the needs of customers to accompany the business in creating the brand, spreading good values to the community and society.

  • Our team

Our headquarters is located in Hanoi with a system of cooperation and connection with consulting expert throughout the country to meet the needs of domestic and foreign customers when they come to Vietnam. In addition, LEHACORP is a unique combination of professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in a wide range of fields, including science and law.

Each member of LEHACORP has a long history of training and research at national and international prestigious universities, in many aspects such as law, engineering, science, industry ... as well as have worked and provided high quality consulting services to a wide range of clients.

  • Operation principle

At LEHACORP, everything we do is to focus on meet clients’ demands and results, imbued with our core values:

  • Creativity and Innovation: We always look for opportunities and practices to enhance our efficiency and effectiveness, so we can achieve success faster and for a lower cost.
  • Honestly and integrity: We act with honestly and integrity.
  • Excellence: We providing a unique, inclusive and rewarding experience to all clients with the knowledge and expertise of our experts.
  • Hard work: We working hard in order to enhance LEHACORP’s national and international reputation and promoting our key sources of competitive advantage.
  • Respect: We welcome diversity and differences of opinions, from every member and client, to every service we provide.
  • Up-to-date: We assure that our clients will always be updated with newest, most accurate and reliable knowledge and information.