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Validation of European Patents in Cambodia effective March 1st, 2018

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Cambodia had signed a validation agreement with the European Patent Office, allowing extending the effects of European patent applications to Cambodia.

The agreement entered into force on March 1st, 2018.

European Patent Applications or International Applications filed March 1st, 2018 can benefit from the validation option. It is not applicable to patent applications filed prior to that date, or for any European patents resulting from such applications.

A validation fee (180EUR) is due for the validation to take effect in Cambodia. The fee is to be paid to the EPO within six months of the date on which the European Patent Bulletin mentions the publication of the European search report, or, in the case of an international application, within the period for performing the required acts for an international application's entry into the European phase. After that period, the fee can be charged with a 50% surcharge during a two-month grace period.

Validation is the responsibility of Cambodian Patent Law. It is possible that pharmaceutical products are currently excluded in Cambodia until 2033. However, it is possible to Abolished.

Source: Lavoix.eu